Glamour for Dogs

I have recently designed beautiful collars with unique satin fabrics to protect your dogs coat.
Orginally designed for show poodles, these collars will suit most breed and will look stunning for any occasion.
A variety of styles, thickness and colours are available.

Size: 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 55cm and 60cm.
Colors: Indigo Blue, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Olive Green, Black, Purple, Yellow, Red, Fuchsia, Silver and more.
Thickness: Wide 4inches or Small 2inches
Foam: Thick, Thin or None

Prices for Europe:
 Starting from 15 euros depending on size and styles chosen 
 + postage.
Prices for Australia:
Starting from 20 dollars depending on size and styles chosen 
+ postage.
Prices for Abu Dhabi:
Starting from 80 aed depending on size and styles chosen
Pick up Available Al Zeina

These collars are slip on and are designed to protect the neck coat of your dog.
Made of Satin and Simili leather they will provide a strong build while offering a stylish design.

These Stylish collars will make a beautiful christmas our birthday present for your cherished friend.
Please contact me via email or Facebook for your orders.

The "Asian Forest"

Brianna wearing a Thick Wide 50cm 

Puppy collars 35cm, No Foam, variety of colours available to suit any size litter.

Other Models

The "Black And Gold"

Midnight Wearing a Thin Wide 50cm

The "Pretty in Pink"

Paris wearing a Thick Wide 50cm

Because its not all about poodles!
The "Winter Forest"
Sierra Wearing a Thin Small 45cm

The "Sunshine Frost"
Chili Wearing a Thick small  55cm

The "Salsa Dance"
Brian Wearing a Thin Wide 50cm


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