Atami Halo White Angel


Dual Champion!!! French Champion and French Champion of National Exhibition
All this achieved in under 6months

We would like to thank Irina Laktyushkina (Atami kennel, Russia) for our white Angel, a showy boy full of promises. 

Angel has passed all his health tests and is available at Stud

Hip Dysplasia score A, Eyes Clear, Dm Clear, News Clear, VW1 Disease Clear, PRA PRCD Clear


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Mstil Gift for Christmas 


 Abica's Miles Ahead

Dacun Kaylens he's a heartbreaker
Prestige I get it
Danvik Mademoiselle Coco Chanel Escorts Yoel Le noir
Danvik Esperansa


Atami Hello Dolli 

Elensis Redkiy Dar Samarcanda White Masterpiece
Elensis You my Song
Emerei Mireille Matthieu Canmoys eric Thomas
Emerei Escalada de la gama de Oro

European Show Results


1026, Douai CACS, 11/06/2016, Judge Mme Desserne Sylvie, Best Puppy, Tres Prometteur, Short listed best 5 puppy in show!!!

1637, Douai CACIB CACS, 12/06/2016, Judge M Wilberg Leif-Herman, Best Puppy, Tres Prometteur

528, Compiene CACS, 4/09/2016, Judge Mme Laurent, Best Puppy, Tres Prometteur

1041, Avignon CACS, 25/09/2016, Judge Mr Marabotto Marco, Best Puppy, Tres Prometteur

1675, Valence CACS CACIB, 05/03/2017, Judge Mme Larive Jeanette, Best Junior, Excellent

2609-04, Championat de France 2017 Nantes, Judge Mr Oliveira Rui, 2nd excellent

1378, Macon International and national Show, 3/9/17, Judge Mr Condo (Italy), CACS, CACIB, Excellent

587, Villepinte National Show, 30/9/17, Judge Mr Istas, CACS, BOB, Excellent

768, Villepinte International Show, 1/0/17, Judge Mr Barenne, CACS, CACIB, BOB, Excellent

1211, Metz National Show, 4/11/17, Judge Mr Karcher, RCACS, 2nd Excellent

2, Nationale D'elevage du Caniche 2017, Juge Mr Dupas, 2nd Excellent

1498, METZ International and National Show, 5/11/17, Judge Mr Barenne, RCACS, Excellent

193, Cavalaire National Show, 20/01/18, Judge Mlle Dobson, CACS, BOB, Excellent

722, Toulouse National and International Show, 24/02/18, Judge Mr Barenne, CACS, CACIB, Excellent

1280, Valence National Show, 4/03/18, Judge Mll Dobson, CACS, BOB, Excellent, Short listed top 5 in Group

459, Vallauris National Show, 18/03/18, Judge Mr Barenne, CACS, BOB, Excellent

376, Castres National Show, 25/03/18, Judge Mr Soulat, CACS, BOB, Excellent, BEST IN GROUP 9, 


793, Ales National Show, 1/04/18, CACS, BOB, Excellent, Reserve Best in group 9!!


Exposition Canine Internationale de Monaco, 6/05/18, Judge Mrs Mondo Gabrielli (Italy), CACS, RCACIB, Excellent


1696, Luxembourg International Show, 10/09/2016, Best Puppy, Tres Prometteur


664, Exposition International Monrovia poodle special, 30/07/2017, Judge Cox Lee, CAC, 1st Excellent

622, Exposition Ivrea, 1/07/2017, Judge Klein Jean Claude, Best Junior, 1st Excellent



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