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Here is a little introduction about myself and how I became involved with the dog world. 
My name is Coralie Moya, my love of dogs started very young. Our family always owned many dogs, Poodles of all sizes, hunting dogs and herding dogs just to name a few. Young I was involved in obedience and agility. Later that turned into dog training, dog grooming and dog psychology. 

I would like to thank Zefi Famelis who entrusted me with my first Show dog in 2006, a white Standard Poodle, Layla "Ch. Pantone the word is out" my passion finally found a place to flourish. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to step away from the Show ring and Layla was retired. She is now enjoying life in the sun. 

In 2010 I welcomed my new partner in crime, a Brittany, to our home, Piper "Uwish Ucould Be My Valentine". She was a great introduction the the breed and needless to say I was hooked from then on.

2013 was the year I decided to get back to the show ring, Piper and her son Bond "Uwish follow your Nose" were a perfect team to welcome me back.
 That year I met Marilyn DiNatale who has been involved with the breed for over 20 years and who I cannot thank enough for all her knowledge and help. She gave me the opportunity to add one more member to our family and show team Sierra "Riverreed Black Magic" a gorgeous Black and White and a natural Bobtail, raised by the wonderful Cynthia Toohey. With Brian our adopted whippet cross, our little family was now I tought!  

But our four legged family continues to grow!

In 2014 we moved to France, Piper, Brian's and Sierra boarded a Big Jet plane in Melbourne and arrived in Paris to continue their adventure in Europe with us. Lucky puppies travelling the world!

In 2015 I was given the opportunity to get back to my first love, the standard poodle. Thanks to Alena Konvalinkovą I was able to do so and we welcomed Chili, a tuxedo Standard Poodle, to our family.

 In 2016 Midnight our first black standard poodle joins our kennel, we thank Marieke van Veluw for this sweet heart. We cannot wait to show her off on the French tracks! 
Following our passion for standard poodles the last additions will be made to our kennel in the next few months. We look forward to sharing the news with you! 

My aim in creating GrandEsprit Kennels is to introduce A dog that is versatile, happy, healthy, eager to learn and that conforms to the ANKC standard as well as a loved member of the family. Whether it is the companion of a hunter, the best friend of a child, the cuddly couch potatoe, the partner in crime of the involved agility handler or the pride of its owner in the conformation ring our dogs can offer it all.

At GrandEsprit kennels all our dogs are an integral part of our family, they come inside at night for cuddles, we take them for walks and activities every day to challenge them and they are also weekend show dogs.

I am very lucky to share this passion with my husband John Kedzierski whom I would like to thank as without him this Kennel couldn't have been possible. 


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